Ocean, Plastic

Coastal CleanUp

Action: Coastal / Marine Clean Up and Documentation

Next time you’re on a beach or diving in the ocean, take some time to leave it better than you found it. Here are three fun steps on how you can help raise awareness about plastic pollution in our beautiful ocean!

1. Collect plastic debris using a reusable bag or item found on the beach (e.g. buckets, bags and balloons).

2. Get Creative! Take a photo, make a video, or even turn your debris into art!

3. Document Your Finds – Make a list of the top items collected.

Most Important – SHARE! Tweet me @eco_emily or email emily@ecoemily.com. 

Your great work will be shared online to help encourage others to complete coastal cleanups of their own.


Here’s a sample from my recent trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA:

70 pieces of miscellaneous Styrofoam, 12 plastic beverage bottles, 9 mini liquor bottles, 56 bottle caps, 29 straws, 20 balloons, 25 ribbons, 14 single use coffee cups, 3 plastic buckets, 4 cigarette packs, 1 gum pack, 1 six-pack plastic ring, 10 large miscellaneous plastic pieces, 195 small miscellaneous plastic pieces, 5 single serve beverage lids, 1 pill bottle, 2 chip bags, 1 lighter, 1 purple marker, 1 garden hose, 1 glove, 5 feminine hygiene products 3 lockable plastic bags, 3 single wrapped snack packages, 1 large bubble wrap, 15 pieces of fireworks, 12 lobster trap tags, 3 zip ties, 1 bike reflector, 2 single use dental floss sticks, 1 toy ice cream cone, 2 cigarette mouth pieces, 1 pen cap,  1 construction mask and 19 synthetic ropes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s work together and build a global movement to change our habits and prevent more plastic from entering the ocean!

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