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BP Delays Drilling

BP Canada’s oil exploration project that had been scheduled to begin next year off Nova Scotia is being put on hold until 2018.

BP has proposed to conduct an exploration drilling program approximately 230 to 370 kilometres off the southeast coast of Nova Scotia, consisting of up to seven exploration wells. It would take place over a three year period pending required approvals. Specific drilling locations would be determined using seismic data gathered as part of BP’s 3D seismic exploration program conducted in 2014.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the company says its exploratory drilling will start in the second quarter of 2018 — less than a year before its exploration licence expires.

The company says by delaying drilling, it can finalize the locations of the exploration wells by the end of 2016.

The company says it plans to submit its environmental impact statement to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in May.

Offshore drilling disasters have been on a steady rise over the past decade. One example is the famous BP Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. The seafloor gushed oil for 87 days because BP had no idea how to cap a well that deep. Yes – this is the same BP proposing to drill offshore in Canada. Due to the months-long spill, along with adverse effects from the response and cleanup activities, extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats and fishing and tourism industries on the Gulf Coast was reported.

Is this what we want for Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada’s beautiful East Coast?

You can follow project developments on CEAA’s website at

Although the deadline for participant funding has already passed, CEAA will open the file to public comment at several key periods of the proposal. Public comment is incredibly important! President Obama recently banned offshore drilling in the US Atlantic due to an outpouring of opposition from local communities. This goes to show how strong grassroots opposition can be.

I encourage you to get involved in the opposition to offshore drilling and become engaged in the movement toward a healthy and sustainable future!


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