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Energy East – Apply Now!

The NEB has reopened the Application to Participate in the TransCanada Energy East oil pipeline hearing.

The Energy East project is a pipeline conversion (gas to oil) from Alberta to eastern Ontario and NEW pipeline construction through eastern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. There is a sister project called the Eastern Mainline which is a gas pipeline expansion proposed through southern Ontario and Quebec. The Eastern Mainline project threatens to destroy century old forests and reek havoc on landowners already impacted by several oil and gas pipelines.

The Energy East project will allow 1.1 million barrels per day of Alberta tar sands oil and volatile, fracked crude to be shipped across Canada under high heat and pressure. An undisclosed chemical cocktail commonly referred to as “DRA” would be required to keep the unrefined product moving. The Ontario and New Brunswick refineries do not have the ability to refine this much crude – especially after the approval of Enbridge’s Line 9. This is not Canadian oil for Canadian consumers. Much of the oil will be shipped overseas on the largest tankers in the world, further putting the sensitive St. Lawrence River and east coast fisheries / tourism industry at risk.

Aside from the local impacts, the Energy East pipeline and further expansion of Alberta’s oil deposits is not conducive to a world where we keep warming under 2 degrees Celcius. If we are to take climate change seriously, 80% of Canada’s oil reserves MUST be left in the ground.

PLEASE, if you are concerned at all about this project, APPLY! Do not be discouraged by the NEB’s requirement for being “directly affected” or having “relevant information of expertise”. In 2013, I applied as an intervenor for the Enbridge Line 9 hearing and was accepted. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but learned so much and grew to understand how extremely important citizen engagement is in major infrastructure projects such as these.

I am offering my experience and assistance to anyone who is interested in participating!

Please email me –

Check out my Line 9 work –

You can find the Energy East NEB application at –

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