Emily Ferguson

I believe in the strength of communities coming together and the power of people uniting over a common cause. Whether it’s giving community presentations about climate change, promoting renewable energy, analyzing plastic pollution, or lobbying governments to adopt sustainable practices, I’ve made it my job to try to leave the world a little bit better every day.

I understand that true change grows from the bottom up and results are driven by action-oriented strategies. Think you have a project that might be a good fit?

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The Line 9 Communities website has been invaluable in sending a clear message: Canada is a democracy (so far) and as Canadians, our Constitution (so far) gives us freedom of speech. It has also extended a friendship made at the Line 9 Hearing in Toronto with its creator.

Emily, you have made an incredible difference! Thank you.

Bev Dahmer, Line 9B Landowner

Emily worked with us for over a year on our Energy East campaign. She has a unique ability to both do the detailed policy and research work, as well as the important work of connecting with communities and real people. From hours of research and interpreting the documentation of the formal intervention at the National Energy Board, to hosting public events and connecting with impacted communities, her dynamic approach to these important issues was a huge bonus for our work. I can’t recommend Emily enough as someone who knows what it takes to run successful campaigns and interventions, while building lasting connections.

Stephen Thomas ~ Ecology Action Centre